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 We will make switching to Aquaflow as straightforward and as quickly as possible and with the best deal for your water, waste water and trade effluent services. 


  • Small and medium sized enterprises including charities and smaller public sector organisations. Typically,
    • spend up to £20,000 per annum
    • are low water users
    • have less than a ‘handful’ of SPID’s
    • require straightforward payments terms by monthly direct debits
    • require twice yearly meter readings to ensure the accuracy of bills
    • need some water efficiency advice to help reduce bills

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  • Corporate and Industrial enterprises including large charities and public sector organisations. Typically,
    • spend over £20,000 per annum
    • are higher water users, possibly with trade effluent and other compliance issues
    • have many sites, factories or offices
    • need to make significant savings on water bills to improve business efficiency
    • require bespoke consolidated billing of many sites into one billing cycle

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Our UK based Customer Services Team will manage the switching process promptly and efficiently and keep you updated every step of the way. Finally, we’ll tell you when it’s complete.