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Vat Forms and Sic CodesVAT is chargeable at the standard rate on clean water charges for all customers whose main business activity falls within divisions 1 to 5 of the 1980 Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) as used by Companies House. VAT is not currently chargeable on sewage services. (see also VAT and SIC Code Guidance for more details)

Division 1: Energy and water supply industries.
Division 2: Extraction of minerals and ores other than fuels; manufacture of metal, mineral products and chemicals.
Division 3: Metal goods, engineering and vehicle industries.
Division 4: Other manufacturing industries.
Division 5: Construction.

Where supplies are for both relevant industrial activities and other purposes, VAT is chargeable if the predominant activity of the customer falls within any of the above divisions.

Water supply charges to all other customers are zero rated for VAT purposes.

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Customer BillsYou can find out who your current supplier is by checking your most recent water bill.

If you can’t find a bill, call us and we will find out for you.

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Customer Service AgentPlease complete the Contact Us Form, (Contact us…) with your account details and we will email you a copy of your last bill.

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Aquaflow Utilities Water Meter
Aquaflow Utilities Water Meter – Unhappy with your meter reading? Provide us with a meter reading and we will re-issue a new bill straightaway.

A larger bill can be a warning sign that you have a leak. We suggest that you check your meter when no water is being used and if the meter is still moving, then you have a leak and you should call a plumber as a matter of urgency as you are still responsible for the water usage, even if it is a leak. If there is no leak, a larger bill could be due to an increase in employees or an installation of new equipment. You could also have dripping taps or overflows.

You can also provide us with a meter reading, (Submit a meter reading) and we will check your bill.

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We will read your meter at least once per year. However if you wish to take you own readings more often than that, you can send us your readings or upload an image of your meter dials to us (Submit a meter reading) and we will issue a revised bill for you.

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SPIDsSPID stands for Supply Point Identification Number. Your SPID can be found on your latest water bill and will be 8 digits long. You may have separate SPIDs for your water and your wastewater.

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Direct Debit FormYou are required to pay your bill by monthly direct debit – we do not offer other payment options.

If you are an Umeasured (no water meter) customer you can also pay by direct debit, annually in advance.

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