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Aquaflow Cardiff Offices Aquaflow is a licenced business water supply company based in Cardiff and Altrincham near Manchester. It provides water and wastewater services to businesses including charities and the public sector. Businesses includes shops, factories, hospitals, farms, offices, local authorities.

We are committed to offering exceptional levels of customer service. Our competitive pricing strategy and technology driven approach will help you save water and manage you water costs.

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Aquaflow Sales TeamAquaflow is an independent business water supplier. Aquaflow provides water and waste water services to many types and sizes of organisation including businesses, charities and public sector bodies throughout the UK.

We are committed to offering exceptional levels of customer service, a highly competitive pricing strategy and a technology and efficiency driven approach to saving water costs.

Our customer services are based in the UK and we have account management teams to support our customers nationwide. Our flexible approach allows you to contact us as you prefer, whether that’s by phone, email or letter.

Our billing services make your life simpler and more cost effective, streamlining one bill for water, wastewater and other services. If you have multi-sites throughout the UK you can also benefit through our consolidated billing options.

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Aquaflow Cardiff OfficesAquaflow business water is based in two offices within the UK, one in Cardiff and one in Altrincham,  Manchester. Aquaflow water company is a licensed water retail company and supplies water and waste water services to businesses, charities and the public sector in the UK.

Our Manchester office (0161 660 4437) is principally responsible for Sales, Broker account management and also Regulation, Tariffs and Compliance issues. Our Cardiff office (0333 305 1445) is principally responsible for Customer Services, Finance and general business enquiries.


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