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We aim to answer any questions you have as quickly and straightforwardly as possible. The FAQs have been grouped into various headings for ease of use.

If you can’t see the answer to your FAQ, send us an email (Contact us…) and we will respond asap.

About Aquaflow (3)

Aquaflow Cardiff Offices Aquaflow is a licenced business water supply company based in Cardiff and Altrincham near Manchester. It provides water and wastewater services to businesses including charities and the public sector. Businesses includes shops, factories, hospitals, farms, offices, local authorities.

We are committed to offering exceptional levels of customer service. Our competitive pricing strategy and technology driven approach will help you save water and manage you water costs.

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Aquaflow Sales TeamAquaflow is an independent business water supplier. Aquaflow provides water and waste water services to many types and sizes of organisation including businesses, charities and public sector bodies throughout the UK.

We are committed to offering exceptional levels of customer service, a highly competitive pricing strategy and a technology and efficiency driven approach to saving water costs.

Our customer services are based in the UK and we have account management teams to support our customers nationwide. Our flexible approach allows you to contact us as you prefer, whether that’s by phone, email or letter.

Our billing services make your life simpler and more cost effective, streamlining one bill for water, wastewater and other services. If you have multi-sites throughout the UK you can also benefit through our consolidated billing options.

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Aquaflow Cardiff OfficesAquaflow business water is based in two offices within the UK, one in Cardiff and one in Altrincham,  Manchester. Aquaflow water company is a licensed water retail company and supplies water and waste water services to businesses, charities and the public sector in the UK.

Our Manchester office (0161 660 4437) is principally responsible for Sales, Broker account management and also Regulation, Tariffs and Compliance issues. Our Cardiff office (0333 305 1445) is principally responsible for Customer Services, Finance and general business enquiries.


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Customer Bills (7)

Vat Forms and Sic CodesVAT is chargeable at the standard rate on clean water charges for all customers whose main business activity falls within divisions 1 to 5 of the 1980 Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) as used by Companies House. VAT is not currently chargeable on sewage services. (see also VAT and SIC Code Guidance for more details)

Division 1: Energy and water supply industries.
Division 2: Extraction of minerals and ores other than fuels; manufacture of metal, mineral products and chemicals.
Division 3: Metal goods, engineering and vehicle industries.
Division 4: Other manufacturing industries.
Division 5: Construction.

Where supplies are for both relevant industrial activities and other purposes, VAT is chargeable if the predominant activity of the customer falls within any of the above divisions.

Water supply charges to all other customers are zero rated for VAT purposes.

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Customer BillsYou can find out who your current supplier is by checking your most recent water bill.

If you can’t find a bill, call us and we will find out for you.

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Customer Service AgentPlease complete the Contact Us Form, (Contact us…) with your account details and we will email you a copy of your last bill.

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Aquaflow Utilities Water Meter
Aquaflow Utilities Water Meter – Unhappy with your meter reading? Provide us with a meter reading and we will re-issue a new bill straightaway.

A larger bill can be a warning sign that you have a leak. We suggest that you check your meter when no water is being used and if the meter is still moving, then you have a leak and you should call a plumber as a matter of urgency as you are still responsible for the water usage, even if it is a leak. If there is no leak, a larger bill could be due to an increase in employees or an installation of new equipment. You could also have dripping taps or overflows.

You can also provide us with a meter reading, (Submit a meter reading) and we will check your bill.

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We will read your meter at least once per year. However if you wish to take you own readings more often than that, you can send us your readings or upload an image of your meter dials to us (Submit a meter reading) and we will issue a revised bill for you.

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SPIDsSPID stands for Supply Point Identification Number. Your SPID can be found on your latest water bill and will be 8 digits long. You may have separate SPIDs for your water and your wastewater.

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Direct Debit FormYou are required to pay your bill by monthly direct debit – we do not offer other payment options.

If you are an Umeasured (no water meter) customer you can also pay by direct debit, annually in advance.

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Direct Debits (4)

Direct Debit FormIf your Direct Debit payment date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, then payment will be taken the next working business day.

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Payments to AquaflowIf we try and collect your payment and we receive notification that insufficient funds are available, we will make further attempts to collect the payment and you will receive written notification in advance.

Category: Direct Debits

Direct Debit FormTo allow Aquaflow to set up your Direct Debit you will need to complete and sign a form that instructs your bank or building society to pay by Direct Debit.

The details required include the account holders name, account number, sort code and your bank’s address. You will also be required to sign the form.

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Direct Debit FormThe Direct Debit Guarantee protects you against payments made in error or fraudulently.

In the case of any incorrect or fraudulent payments, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund from your bank.

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Emergencies (2)

Contact Us by PhoneOur office hours are from 9.00am to 17.00pm Mondays to Fridays.

However if there is an emergency you should contact your Wholesale water company and a full list of their contacts details are provided on this website, (Click here…Emergency contact numbers).

Category: Emergencies

Wholesale water company mapIf you experience any of the following, please contact us within office hours or your regional Wholesale water company outside office hours.

  • unplanned disruption to your water supply
  • sewer flooding
  • external burst water main
  • taste or odour issues with your water

For a list of wholesalers, the areas they cover and contact details, (Wholesaler water company map)

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General (1)

Please contact us by email (Contact us) or by telephone (0333 305 1445) and we will do our best to resolve whatever issues you have. If however, you wish to make a formal compliant, please visit our page, (How to complain).

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Reduce Water Consumption (1)

Save Water, Save MoneyWe provide general help and advice to minimise your water consumption and manage your costs.

We also offer a water audit service which will analyse your consumption in much more detail and provide recommendations to you for minimising your water consumption.

Switching to Aquaflow (5)

CoinsThere are no fees whatsoever in switching to Aquaflow.

Sales WomanPlease call us on 0161 660 4437 or alternatively provide us with details of your SPIDs (Supply Point Indentifier Number). This number is on your current bills.

We will get back to you with your quote and explain what you need to do next.

Sales TeamOnce we have provided you with a quote, we can arrange for an Aquaflow representative to visit you if required.

You do not need to do anything else and we will complete the process for you as quickly as possible. We will keep you informed of progress and will notify you of the transfer date as soon as we know it.

Customer Service Agent at ComputerWe need your Supply Point IDs (SPIDs), which are located on your current supplier’s bill. Give us a ring on 0161 660 4437 and we will provide you with a quote.

If you wish to discuss any matters before getting a quote, please call our Director of Sales, Phil Murdey. We look forward to hearing from you.

Aquaflow Sales TeamNow!

Call us now on 0161 660 4437 and we will sort the switching process out for you. It would be helpful if you have a copy of your last bill to hand  when you contact us.

Water Meters (1)

Aquaflow Utilities Water Meter
Aquaflow Utilities Water Meter – Unhappy with your meter reading? Provide us with a meter reading and we will re-issue a new bill straightaway.

It is the responsibility of your Wholesale company to repair or replace your water meter and you can contact your local Wholesale water company directly.

However if you would prefer us to contact your Wholesale water company, (Contact us), we are happy to take your details and pass the information to them and they will make an appointment for its repair or replacement.

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Wholesale Water Companies (2)

Wholesale water company mapNo. All Wholesale companies are monopoly companies and not in the competitive market.

Their prices are regulated by Ofwat.

Wholesale water company mapYour local Wholesale Water and Sewerage company is responsible and you can find out which company it is by see our large map (Wholesale Water Company Map) with contact details for each company.

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