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Since April 2017, the water market in England has been open for competition in the water market for business water suppliers. Currently, there is no competition in the water market in Wales or Northern Ireland except for the very largest water consumers. In addition, there are 1.2 million businesses, charities and public sector organisations in England.  As a result of this competitive market, these customers do not have to buy water services from their local Wholesale Company.

Business Water Suppliers and the Competitive Market

Business Water Suppliers, or Retailers provide billing, meter reading and customer services activities. They are now the main point of contact between customers and water companies, except in emergencies. They can also provide advice to customers on saving water costs and also discuss the potential for leak detection.

Wholesalers are monopoly companies who own and operate the network of pipes, mains and treatment works. Wholesalers maintain these assets and sell water and wastewater services to Retailers. The prices of Wholesalers are regulated by Ofwat.

Contact Details – Emergencies

If you have an emergency at any time of day or night, you should contact your local Wholesale company without delay.

Emergencies include unplanned disruptions to your water supply, sewer flooding, burst water mains and lastly taste and odour issues with your water. A list of their contacts details are provided on this website, (Emergency contact numbers).

Business Water Suppliers- Factory WorkersWho can switch Business Water Supplier?

Non-household  businesses, charities and public sector organisations with business premises can choose their business water supplier. In addition, the definition of businesses includes limited companies and limited partnerships, as well non-company businesses, for example Sole Traders and Partnerships. These businesses will range from farms to factories and from shops to offices. Because of these definitions, please check with us and we’ll confirm if you’re able to switch business supplier.

Aquaflow, a business water supplier in England

Aquaflow is a licenced business water supply company and is based in Cardiff and Manchester. We provide water, waste water and trade effluent services to businesses, charities and the public sector.

We are committed to offering exceptional levels of customer service. Furthermore, our customer services are all UK based and you can contact them by telephone, email or by letter. For larger customers and maybe those with multi-sites, we have account management teams to support customers nationwide.

We have a competitive pricing strategy and a technology and efficiency driven approach to saving water costs. In addition, we have some excellent ideas and resources available to help you improve the efficiency of your water consumption. With our expertise, you could reduce your consumption by up to 10 to 30%!

Our billing services are more cost effective with one bill for water, wastewater and other services. Furthermore, for customers with multi-sites in the UK,  you can also  benefit with our consolidated billing options

Regulators in the New Competitive Market

Water Services Regulation Authority, (Ofwat)

Ofwat is the economic regulator for the water and sewerage industry in England and Wales. Consequently, it establishes price limits for water company charges.

Market Operator Services Ltd, (MOSL)

MOSL delivers the core IT systems that enables registration, customer switching and settlement between wholesalers and retailers.

Drinking Water Inspectorate, (DWI)

The DWI regulates water companies in England and Wales and assesses the safety standards of drinking water.

Environment Agency, (EA)

The EA assesses the quality of surface and underground water and it aims to reduce the possibility of environmental damage. In addition, they are responsible for issuing abstraction licences to water companies in England.

Water Industry Commission for Scotland, (WICS)

WICS promotes the interests of water and sewerage customers in Scotland ensuring that they receive a high-quality service and value for money. Consequently, their key objectives are fair prices, facilitating competition and monitoring performance.

Central Markets Agency, (CMA)

The CMA administers the new competitive market. In addition, it registers customers for each supplier and provides settlement and billing information for wholesale services.

Natural Resources Wales, (NRW)

NRW is the principal adviser to the Welsh Government on issues relating to the environment and in respect of natural resources in Wales. Furthermore, it is responsible for protecting people and the environment including marine, forest and waste industries.