Michael Gove Addresses City Conference, London

Environment secretary Michael Gove is expected to be among the speakers at Water UK’s main annual event, the City Conference in London today (1 March).

Jonson Cox, chairman of Ofwat is also a speaker at the event, while Water UK’s chief executive Michael Roberts will be giving a keynote industry speech.

Roberts will address some of the challenges and criticisms facing the sector.

During his speech, he is expected to say: “Water is fundamental to all of our lives and companies fully understand their clear responsibility to act in the public interest. That boils down to doing the right thing in the right way, and tackling issues where they arise, because we want to maintain the high levels of trust our customers have for us.

“We know that they trust us, because more than eight out of ten of them say so in our private polling. We should not lose sight of that as we address some of the issues that critics have raised. The industry is working for water, and that works for our customers.”